Esmod Guangzhou, the students final show

This is it! After 3 years studying Fashion Design and Pattern Making at Esmod,  the young designers presented their own collection before a panel of prestigious personalities of Fashion and Art in China.This exceptional and always magic moment, the Fashion Show, was the most expected event by the students. But during this last year, they had to understand the requirements of that profession. Fashion is not only glam & glitters! Creating a unique collection, finding a new concept, imagine a story and make it real in beautiful proportions, exclusive fabrics, finding the detail that makes the difference….That demands a lot of work, patience and humility! Every experienced designer and the most famous ones know it! Make and re-make to do even better, to go further…

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The 3rd year students . Esmod Guangzhou

Photo: from left high to right: Miho, Daisy, Zoé, Chouchou, Talia, Reno, Bo, Sasha, Ivan, Lara, Jolie, Miki, Ida, Céline, Terry, Kaibin, Vivian, Macaron. One missing student , Freya, who comes from Belgium!

This year was not like a long quiet river, but finally came this moment of the grand jury and fashion show: the reward of these years studying. So congratulations to every one and let me share with you, readers, the work ot the Esmod Guangzhou, 2016 promotion. ( Here the winners photos & check the Facebook page for the whole Fashion show:

These young talented designers learnt how to develop their own creative universe and create a fashion mixing elements of Chinese culture with a young and international vision.Awards: Sasha , Bo, Miki, Freya and Vivian (modelisme) Photos©Dominique Lila & Pascal de Cock

Sasha’s collection , 1st prize, « Gold Needle »sas_2916wsasha_2914sasha_2913sasha_2911sa_2918wsasha_2924sasha3683wBo’s collection, special price of the JuryBo_2857wBo_2854wBo03421Bo_2845wMiki ‘s collection, Internet contest winnermiki_3003wmiki_2944wFreya Proost collection, « coup de coeur  » prize Freya_2865wFreya_2862wFreya_2867wfreya_2859w

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